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Included packages

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Popular Packages

Avatar Optimizer github website Anatawa12's Non-Destructive Avatar Optimization Utilities
Anatawa12's gists pack github website An easy way to install & update anatawa12's gists at once.
CustomLocalization4EditorExtension github A library for Unity extensions which want to have custom locale for translation instead of unity's locale.
ContinuousAvatarUploader github The tool to upload multiple avatars continuously with tagging version.

Other Packages

VPMPackageAutoInstaller Creator github An tool to create unitypackage to install vpm package published in non-official registry.
AnimatorController-as-a-Code github #ACaaC: A small Unity Editor Library to generate AnimatorController with C# Code. (in development)
Harmony fix github Fixes Harmony problem with Rosetta enviroment for Unity
Avatar 3.0 Emulator for VCC (Discontinued) github For of Av3Emulator for VCC support but upstream Av3Emulator now supports VCC so this will no longer updated.