Remove Zero Sized Polygon

Remove Zero Sized Polygon #

Remove polygons whose area are zero.

This component should be added to a GameObject which has a SkinnedMeshRenderer component.

Since this component works very late in the build process, this component is NOT Modifying Edit Skinned Mesh Component.

Adding this component to the SkinnedMeshRenderers to be merged by Merge Skinned Mesh component has no effect.

Benefits #

By removing polygons whose area are zero, you can reduce rendering cost. This will have almost zero effect on the appearance.

Notes #

In some shaders, even if size of polygon in model file is zero, something can be rendered so there may be effect on the appearance.

Settings #

This Component doesn’t have any configuration for now.


Notes #

This component will be added by Trace and Optimize component. I recommend you to use Trace and Optimize instead of adding this component manually.