Merge ToonLit Material

Merge ToonLit Material #

Merge VRChat/Mobile/Toon Lit materials to one material by packing texture manually.

This component should be added to a GameObject which has a SkinnedMeshRenderer component. (Kind: Modifying Edit Skinned Mesh Component)

This component currently only supports VRChat/Mobile/Toon Lit because I believe there are big demands but I may add support for other shaders. (also for third-party shaders) If you want other shader support, please write a issue

This component will create new materials thus material slots which have the materials created by this component will not be merged by AAO Merge Skinned Mesh component. You should add Merge ToonLit Material to the GameObject which has AAO Merge Skinned Mesh component if you want to merge materials from multiple renderers.

Settings #

Click Add Merged Material to add merged material. For each merged material, you can set multiple source materials from materials. Click Add Source or select your material from dropdown menu. For each source material, you must set where to the texture will placed to. Please change X, Y, W, H to fit to where you want. Click Generate Preview to generate each texture and see preview.