Trace And Optimize

Trace And Optimize #

Previously known as Automatic Configuration

This component will trace your avatar and optimize your avatar automatically. You can enable/disable some automatic optimization features with checkboxes.

This component should be added to an avatar root. (Kind: Avatar Global Component)

Currently the following optimizations are applied automatically.

  • Automatically Freeze Blend Shape
    Automatically freezes unused BlendShapes in animation or else.
  • Remove unused Objects
    By scanning animation etc., automatically removes unused Objects (e.g. GameObjects, Components).
    • Preserve EndBone
      Prevents removing end bones1 whose parent is not removed.
  • Automatically Remove Zero Sized Polygons Removes polygons whose area are zero.

Also, You can adjust optimization with the following settings

  • MMD World Compatibility
    Optimize with considering compatibility with MMD Worlds. e.g. Not freezing BlendShapes used by MMD Worlds.

In addition, there is Advanced Settings which is for workaround bugs but it’s unstable & not well-tested. See tooltips or implementation for more details.


  1. AAO currently assumes any bones whose name ends with end (ignoring case) are end bones. ↩︎