Trace And Optimize

Trace And Optimize (T&O) #

Previously known as Automatic Configuration

This component will trace your avatar and optimize your avatar automatically. You can enable/disable some automatic optimization features with checkboxes.

This component should be added to an avatar root. (Kind: Avatar Global Component)

Trace and Optimize is quite carefully designed under the premise that “never let it affect the appearance.”
So, if any problems occur, such as appearance is affected or some gimmick stops working, they are all caused by bugs in AAO, without exception.
Therefore, if you encounter any problems with this component, please report it.
We will fix it as much as we can.

Currently the following optimizations are applied automatically.

  • Automatically Freeze BlendShape
    Automatically freezes BlendShapes which are always the same value or unused in animation, etc.
  • Remove unused Objects
    By scanning animation etc., automatically removes unused Objects (e.g. GameObjects, Components).
    In addition, this will automatically toggle PhysBone Components if they are only used by toggled objects.
    • Preserve EndBone
      Prevents removing end bones1 whose parent is not removed.
  • Optimize PhysBone Settings
    Optimizes PhysBone settings for better performance. This performs the following optimizations.
    • Merges PhysBone Colliders with the exactly same settings into one PhysBone Collider.
    • Unchecks Is Animated if it’s not necessary.
  • Optimize Animator
    Optimizes Animator Controller. See this section for more details.
  • Merge Skinned Meshes
    Merges skinned meshes which don’t need to be separated.
    Some meshes may not be automatically merged in some cases, so use Merge Skinned Mesh manually if necessary.
    • Allow Shuffling Material Slots
      By shuffling material slots, you may reduce draw calls of the avatar. The order of material slots usually doesn’t matter, but it may affect the drawing order in rare cases.

Also, You can adjust optimization with the following settings

  • MMD World Compatibility
    Optimize with considering compatibility with MMD Worlds. e.g. Not freezing BlendShapes used by MMD Worlds.

In addition, there are the following Advanced Optimizations.

  • Automatically Remove Zero Sized Polygons
    Removes polygons whose area are zero. This can break some shaders or animated scales, so use it carefully.

Also, there is Debug Options which is for workaround bugs but it’s unstable & not well-tested. See tooltips or implementation for more details.


Animator Optimizer #

This feature currently applies the following optimizations.

  • Convert Entry-Exit to BlendTree
    This tries to convert Animator Controller layers to BlendTree as possible.
  • Merge BlendTree Layers
    This merges multiple BlendTree layers to single Direct BlendTree layer as possible.
  • Remove Meaningless Layers
    This removes layers which have no state nor a transition.

  1. AAO currently assumes any bones whose name ends with end (ignoring case) are end bones. ↩︎